Interviewing Skills Practice


One hour of practice with a skilled interviewer using conventional and behavioral interviewing techniques; helps you articulate your message and answer questions smoothly with more assurance.

Curriculum Vitae


Our curriculum vitae includes a summary of your educational, academic, and teaching/research experience, along with publications, presentations, awards, honors, and affiliations. A curriculum vitae is often required when applying for academic, education, scientific or research positions and ours will represent you well.

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We search for desired positions; send resume responses to job advertisements; provide you with a written report of each job leads responded to within chosen industry and geographic preference for up to one (1) month of service or until hired.

Our Services

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Reliable Resumes Services

Standard, Award-Winning Resume and Cover Letter Template - $99 

This option is for experienced people with marketable skills in sales, support staff, service-oriented, team leadership, or technical positions.  Includes a keyword analysis, resume planning, and creation of original resume text.  A 1-2 page resume and cover letter template delivered via email within four business days of order.

Senior and Executive-Level Resume and Cover Letter Template - $299.00

This option is for degree individuals looking for executive management positions needing a resume with the cache expected of upper-echelon leaders.  Includes a keyword analysis, resume planning, carefully crafted AWARD WINNING resume, interviewing practice, unlimited resume revisions, and job search counsel/guidance.  A 2-4 page resume and cover letter template delivered via email within four business days of order.

Curriculum Vitae - $199

Whether a graduate student who is entering the academic job market for the first time or a tenured professor, the importance of having a well-developed CV cannot be over-emphasized.  Our CV not only offers an overview of your life's accomplishments most relevant to the academic realm, we consider it to be a “living document” reflecting the developments in your academic career and designed to be updated frequently.  Written with keywords in mind, a Reliable Resume CV includes a cover letter, interview practice, and job search coaching, as desired.


LinkedIn® Profile - $99.00

Many employers these days expect that candidates will have an excellent LinkedIn profile.  We assess a candidate’s current profile, or create a new LinkedIn profile with all original text.

Resume - Only - $59.00

We write a simple, 1 page resume based upon keywords, and the final form is digitally delivered in multiple formats.

Resume Re-Write - $79.00

You need a resume we previously wrote for you updated and re-written for position(s) that have significantly different job titles/industries.  We will perform a new keyword analysis and structure the resume to align with the desired career track position, and update it accordingly.

Personalized Cover Letter - $29.00

We write carefully created, uniquely personalized cover letters using the same keywords found in resume.  A good cover letter is often as likely to result in an interview as the resume.

Career Coaching - $69.00

An experienced, professional career coach will advise you by phone to establish a sense of direction and help with finding the next step in your career.  Clients are provided tools which evaluate your strengths/weaknesses and how to leverage them.

Job Sourcing Service - $69.00

We provide you with up to 30 leads in your chosen industry and preferred geography.

RUSH Service - $39.00

Standard delivery is just four business days, but our RUSH service will get your new resume to you in just 24 hours!

Internet Resume Posting - $49.00

At your request, we'll post your resume on Internet job boards. 

Thank You Letter - $59.00

Sending a thank you letter as a means of following-up an interview is a great best practice and keeps your name before the potential employer.  Letter includes the primary keywords from resume and something of your distinctive competence for the job.