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IT people are highly specialized in their field.” They like what they do, understand it inside-out, and are essential to almost every modern business model. If a company relies on phones and email, chances are that there’s an IT professional behind it all making sure the cogs in the machine function properly.

We've written an IT professional resume for people across the Information Technology spectrum, and includes people in such roles as IT consultants, cloud architects, computer forensic investigators, health IT specialists, mobile application developers, web developers, software engineers, information technology vendors/managers, geospatial professionals, and data modelers.

New Graduate and Entry Level Job Resume - $59
This resume option is perfect for the new IT professional seeking their first career position upon graduation.  The New Graduate resume includes keyword analysis, resume planning, and original text. A one page resume delivered via email within four business days of order.

Standard, Job-Winning Resume and Cover Letter Template - $99
Many on our client list selected this option first.  A standard resume is an excellent foundation piece in support of all other correspondence in a job search.  We provide you with a keyword analysis, a 1-2 page resume with cover letter template, and full-service support and follow-through.

Senior and Executive-Level Resume and Cover Letter Template - $299.00
This option is designed for Information Technology professionals who reside at the management level, and/or who are preparing to advance to the next level.  We provide keyword analysis, resume planning, carefully crafted writing, interviewing practice, unlimited resume revisions, and job search counsel/guidance.  A 2-4 page Executive resume and cover letter template delivered via email within four business days of order.